Dear Business Owner:


Thank you for your interest in advertising your business on the BIG SCREEN at The Clayton Theatre.  On-Screen Advertising is a creative way for you to reach a relaxed, receptive, captive audience and a great way to project your name to the community and visitors to our area.


Ours is a two-part advertising program.  When you sign up as part of our pre-show advertising, not only do our customers see your ad on the Big Screen, but they also receive our current events brochure as they leave for the evening.  The brochure includes our current film, upcoming movies, special theatre events, and a list of our current “Supporting Cast”/On-Screen Advertisers, reinforcing the names of the businesses seen on the screen at the beginning of the show.


Our events brochures are also available in a waterproof box in front of The Clayton and can picked up by customers looking for information any time the theatre is closed.


All advertising runs on our BIG SCREEN the last half of our pre-show program giving your ad maximum exposure to the greatest number of patrons attending a show.  Pre-show programming is run prior to every movie shown at The Clayton. This includes all of our First-Run Features, Clayton Classics and Special Events.


Because we are dedicating the last 10 minutes before every show begins to all of our On-Screen ads, advertising space is limited.  We have allotted a maximum of only 20 ads per show and once these spots are filled, they will only become available again if an advertiser decides not to renew their contract.


Attached is a copy of our On-Screen Advertising rates.  Advertisements run approximately 20 to 30 seconds, and are a full-screen color ad which you can design yourself.  When designing your ad, keep in mind that horizontal (landscape) ads work best on our BIG SCREEN.  Vertical (portrait) style ads can be run, but will not use the screen to its full advantage. At anytime, feel free to contact us if you would like assistance and we will be happy to help you with your ad design.


Thank you for your support of The Clayton Theatre and we look forward to serving a part of you advertising needs in the future.






Joanne Howe, Owner

The Clayton Theatre

33246 Main Street

P.O. Box 351

Dagsboro, DE 19939

PH:  (302) 732-9606

Fx:   (302) 732-1355


The Clayton Theatre On-Screen Advertising



Contact Name: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________

Business Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________ Alt Phone: _______________________________


(Check desired advertising period)

 1 Month for 125.00


 3 Months for $250.00


 6 Months for $500.00

(Receive an Additional Month for FREE when paid in full in advance)


 12 Months for $1000.00

(Receive and Additional 3 Months for FREE when paid in full in advance)


Bethany-Fenwick & Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce Members

enjoy a %15 Discount off of all pricing.

 Bethany-Fenwick Chamber Member (Attach copy of Membership Card)

 Greater Millsboro Chamber Member (Attach copy of Membership Card)



All Advertising is subject to approval by The Clayton Theatre.

Fax a copy of your ad with this completed form to (302) 732-1355

or Email to


Once approved, we will contact you to verify the ad and for your payment information.

We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Card



For additional information contact Jennifer Pavik: (302) 841-4984,

or Joanne Howe: (302) 732-9606,



Thank you for your support!